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When you've been on this job as long as I have, nothing surprises you anymore. Nothing, that is, until the day you find a little girl all alone in a ship full of dead bodies.
'Rogue' is a short story set in the universe of the
Gunpowder Sirens 







Sarah doesn't know that she's a lab rat.

A hapless guinea pig on an alien's operating table who has lived and died and lived again...

Learning, growing, changing with each cycle through the maze, and yet never knowing what is real and what isn't until it's too late. Like so many others, she's trapped with creatures she didn't even know existed. Monstrous beings from unknown planets and solar systems with sharp claws and ferocious appetites. Some are kind, others are cruel, but all of them are desperate for a way out. For in this laboratory, alliances crumble, friends die, and enemies quickly become the only people you can trust. Even the solace of death offers only a fleeting illusion of peace, and all Sarah can do is watch her one shot of escaping diminish with each cycle through the rat race. Soon enough, the experiment will devour her completely. Mind, body, and soul.

That is, unless she can find a way to escape.


'212' is a serialized short story about a lab rat's journey through the labyrinth.

New chapters every Friday.






The Subtle Taste of Midnight



The Witching Hour. The time when dreams come a-calling, whether or not you're asleep.

The Subtle Taste of Midnight is a collection of poems, short stories, musings, night owl rants, and whatever bullshit my sleep-deprived mind can cobble together before the sun rises.







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