Welcome to Eva's Wonderful World of Weirdness...



A world filled with fork-tongued devils, gunpowder sirens, drug-smuggling fairies, and naughty spiders out for a good time. In the mind of this Child of Chaos, the banquet of flesh is spread for heroes and villains who'll just as easily steal your heart as they would your gold.


For a slow simmer, strap in and hunker down with books from the various series. For a quick bite, grab a novella from my Mind Munchies.  From angels to zombies and everything in between, I've got you covered.


Be mindful of your steps! Watch your pockets, and for Heaven's sake, don't leave your hearts on your sleeves! It's a crazy world in here, but between the cackling monkey-cats and the crack-head aliens seeking redemption for their sins, I can guarantee that it'll never be boring!


Ready for the ride?